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Forex Trading

Delve into the captivating world of forex trading, also known as FX trading. Engage in the simultaneous buying and selling of currencies across the markets. By immersing yourself in foreign currency pairs, you can speculate on the potential rise or fall in value between two currencies and decide whether to go long (buy) or go short (sell). Explore the boundless opportunities that await in this dynamic arena and embark on a journey towards financial growth.

How forex trading works:

Let’s dive into an example to better understand how forex trading works. At the market’s opening, the EUR/USD currency pair is quoted at 1.21188/1.21190.

You have an intuition that prices will rise throughout the day, so you choose to go long, or buy.

To purchase 1 Lot of EUR/USD, the margin requirement is 100,000 EUR. However, thanks to a leverage of 1:100, you only need 100,000/100 = 1000 EUR to initiate this trade.

In this scenario, each pip movement corresponds to a value of 10 Dollars. Now, assuming your speculation proves accurate and the market closes with a price of 1.22190/1.22192, you decide to close your long position by selling back to the market at the current price of 1.22190. As a result, you stand to gain a profit of 100 pips, which amounts to $1,000.

Discover the exciting reasons to choose forex trading

  • Empowerment to choose your buying or selling price to execute your trade.

  • Engage in a decentralized market with average daily turnover exceeding $5 trillion.

  • Embrace the flexibility of trading 24/5, providing you with round-the-clock opportunities from any location.

  • Unleash your potential to profit even in declining markets, unlocking unique possibilities for success

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