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A swap-free account, also known as an Islamic or Shariah-compliant account, is an option we provide to accommodate traders who adhere to Islamic principles. Swap-free accounts are designed to eliminate or adjust the interest component in trading activities to comply with Islamic law.
In a swap-free account, overnight interest charges, also known as swaps or rollover fees, are waived on positions held overnight.

*Please note that the Swap-Free alternative remains accessible for a duration of 10 consecutive calendar days for FX Majors and Gold (XAUUSD). If you hold an active position more than 10 days, you will be subject to swap charges.

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3 easy steps to open a Swap Free Account

Register and verify your profile
Fill out the Registration Form to log in in your portal. Upload your Documents and complete your economic profile to get verified

Open & Fund your Account
Under the Accounts tab, opt for “Open Live Account” and choose your account. Navigate to the funds tab, click ”Deposit funds,” and select your preferred funding method.

Request a Swap free account
Chose the account you want to convert and then click on “Apply” in the swap-free Account option
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